Thomas Fire Stories Project Uploads

           Everyone at CAPS Media celebrates the extraordinarily sacrifices of fire fighters, law enforcement personnel and other first responders who have tirelessly battled the devastating Thomas Fire.  We also thank and admire all of the citizens of Ventura who reacted to the crisis with astonishing calm and then opened their hearts and hands to help those in need. 

           CAPS Media is coordinating the Thomas Fire Stories Project, a comprehensive documentary undertaking that will capture the remarkable stories of heroism, sacrifice, tragedy and healing surrounding the Thomas Fire.  The project will also include personal stories of individuals and families whose lives were dramatically changed the night of December 4th and the weeks that followed. 

           CAPS Media is collaborating the Thomas Fire Stories Project with the Ventura City Fire and Police, County Fire and Sheriffs, the Museum of Ventura County, other agencies and most importantly the Ventura public. Throughout next few months CAPS Media will record interviews with Thomas Fire first responders, officials, and the public impacted by the tragedy for inclusion in the documentary project and for broadcast and streaming on CAPS Television and Radio.  We invite everyone to help us remember and document our common experience.



If you have a story to tell, a tribute or thank you to share you can submit it using the upload  information below, or you can email the story to  When submitting your story please provide your contact information: name and email.  We need your information in order to give you credit for your media if it is used in the Thomas Fire Stories Project. 

Media (Photos and Video)

If you have media to share of the Thomas Fire – photos or video, please follow the steps below to share your media for this historic project.  Again, please provide your contact information: name and email, in order to give you credit for your media if it is used in the Thomas Fire Stories Project.

Please note:  Your story and media are very important.  We cannot guarantee that all stories and media that are submitted will be used in the project.  However, the more material we have to work with, the more comprehensive the project will be. 


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