Tune in to KPPQ-LP 104.1 FM Ventura on myTuner radio.

KPPQ-LP – CAPS Radio Community Meeting

August 15, 2018 from 5pm to 7pm in the CAPS Media Community Room  

What is community radio? Learn about KPPQ-LP and how you can support the voice of Ventura County.
Get information on how to become a radio host and producer and more.
Meet local KPPQ members. Tour the station. Snacks and drinks provided.     

Call 805-658-0500 or email radio@capsmedia.org to RSVP.

The next radio training classes are scheduled for Wednesday, August 29 & Thursday, August 30 @ 6:00PM at the CAPS Media Center.  These classes provide you with the tools you need to produce your own show.  Learn skills necessary to produce your show, develop your voice and following on Ventura County’s community radio station KPPQ-LP.  Call now 658-0500 or email radio@capsmedia.org to RSVP.