Community Access Partners of San Buenaventura is a private non-profit PEG Media Center that manages the Public, Educational, & Government access television channels in Ventura.  CAPS provides equipment, studio & editing facilities and training classes for the benefit of the residents of Ventura.

Your CAPS membership gives you access to High Definition digital video camcorders, non-linear editing facilities and studio production facilities and training to help you shoot, produce and broadcast your own video production.

Mailing Address: 65 Day Road, Ventura, CA 93003

Phone Number: (805) 658-0500  Fax Number: (805) 658-0505

Business Hours:

Monday – Wednesday & Friday 9am – 5pm

Access Hours:

Monday & Friday 9am – 6pm
Tuesday & Wednesday 9am – 9pm
Thursday CLOSED
Saturday & Sunday CLOSED
Cliff Rodrigues


Darryl Dunn

Vice Chair

Norm Bergman


Kathleen Good


Kelly Flanders

City of Ventura

Dr. Gwendolyn Huddleston

Ventura Community College

Joseph Briglio

Bill-E Johnson

Cathy Peterson

Bill Schneider

Michael Velthoen

Patrick Davidson

Executive Director

Donald McConnell

Operations Manager

Elizabeth Rodeno

Project Manager

Evan Carpenter

Chief Engineer

Gary Roll

Post Production Specialist

What does “CAPS” stand for?
CAPS stands for Community Access Partners of San Buenaventura, which is the official name of the City of Ventura.
What is CAPS Media?
CAPS Media is a non-profit 501 3(C) corporation formed on December 20, 2000 as an outcome of the cable franchise negotiations between the City of Ventura, Avenue Cable (now Charter Communications) and Adelphia Cable (now Time Warner). It was designed to ensure that operation of a media center for community service is managed independently and without discrimination.
Who can join and how much does it cost?
Anyone who lives, works or attends school in Ventura can become a member of CAPS Media. Also, anyone who is a member of a nonprofit organization in Ventura County may be a member. Membership fees for an individual are $25.00 for an entire year. The annual membership fee for organizations, such as community service, nonprofit, and faith-based organizations is $75.00 which includes four people with member privileges.
What is CAPS mission?
CAPS Media's mission is to create an engaged and informed community through participation in electronic media.
Where are you located?
The CAPS Media Center is located at 65 Day Road - adjacent to Ventura Community College, El Camino High School and across the street from Foothill Technology High School. The Media Center houses staff offices, a television studio, multiple edit bays and an inventory of camera and lighting equipment all available for use by members.
How many people have access to Channels 6 and 15?
Approximately 20,000 Ventura households subscribe to the two cable television services in the City, Time Warner and Charter Cable.
Who is on the board of directors?
CAPS is governed by a 13-member Board of Directors that includes representatives from the City of Ventura, Ventura Unified School District, the Ventura Community College District and the Ventura County Library System as well as various community members with in an interest in Public, Education and Government (PEG) access programming and communication.
What comes with membership?
CAPS is a membership based organization and only members may submit media for cable casting or have privileges to use equipment and facilities. To join just fill out a membership application and submit it in person to any CAPS staff person along with proof of residence (utility bill works but it must be a street address, no P.O. boxes) and your cash or check for the appropriate amount. For organizational memberships we require ID or proof of employment with a Ventura County-based non-profit or business, plus a list of the four people designated for privileges, including addresses and phone numbers all on organizational letterhead.
If I don’t know anything about cameras and editing may you teach me?
In order to use CAPS Media equipment and facilities you must attend our orientation classes held once a month at our facility. We have a general class that goes over all the rules you have to follow and a tour of the facility. We also have camera and editing classes that will help you learn the basics of using a HD Panasonic HMC-150 camera and get you started on how to edit your show in Final Cut X. Classes are scheduled for 6pm on Thursdays, but subject to changes so call CAPS to sign up for one or more of the monthly classes.
What equipment and facilities do you have that I can use?
CAPS Media Center located at 65 Day Road houses a bevy of digital video camcorders, support equipment, lights, microphones and all the tools you’ll need to produce a program of your choice. We have Sony PD150, VX2100 and Panasonic HMC150P HD cameras for check out. Our studio is equipped with broadcast quality cameras and support and a new control room with switcher, DVE, playback, 16-Channel audio board, character generator and more. On the editing side we have six edit bays, three in enclosed rooms and two external stations, all Mac Pros. All stations are equipped with Final Cut X, as well as other software such as GarageBand, Soundtrack, and Motion. We also have a new voice over record booth. Please speak with a CAPS Media staff member for more details.
Where do you get your funding?
Funding for CAPS comes from PEG fees and a portion of the cable franchise fees paid to the city by the two cable services operating in the city. Not a dime comes from local tax revenues.
What kind of programming airs on Channels 6 and 15?
Channel 6 is Ventura’s public access channel airs programming submitted by local member from the community. Producers must fill out a form and answer questions about their submittal which determines when a show may air. For more information about programming, see the cablecast request form or speak to a CAPS staff member.

Channel 15 airs educational and government programming produced by the Ventura Unified School District and Ventura College, and the City of Ventura, including city council, planning commission, and school board meetings. Other educational and government programming produced by State and Federal Government departments can also be seen on Channel 15.
Do you run commercials?
No! We operate much like a public television broadcast station and can run public service announcements or underwriter spots but no regular ads. During times when there is no programming we run a community bulletin board where individuals and non-profit organizations may submit short text pieces to promote their organization, events or even their shows. No direct sales, calls to action, or consideration of a commercial product or service. For underwriting opportunities please contact a CAPS Media representative for more details.
Why are you airing that terrible program?
CAPS Channel 6 is public access and by nature we must run all programming that is lawful under the requirements and regulations listed on the cablecast request form. We rely on the public to inform us if programs violate any state and federal laws and cannot take anything off the air unless deemed indecent by an outside source. With that, there will be certain programs that may not be to your liking but to protect everyone’s rights we must air all submitted programming.
Are you part of the cable company?
No. We’re an independent non-profit corporation operating a media center and managing two cable channels in the City of Ventura. We work in partnership with the cable services and our funding is derived through cable franchise fees but we are run independently from the cable services in the city. We’re unique because we’re one of the few independent non-profit organizations in the State of California operating public, educational and government channels.
How do I submit a show to air on Channel 6?
We currently only accept file based programming submitting in person at our CAPS Media center or through our Members Only Upload port. All media submitted for air must be accompanied by a cablecast request form.
How often does a show run and can a producer request a certain time slot?
Producers may request certain time slots but it is the discretion of the Operations Manager whether a certain time slot is available in any given week. Programming is designed to be fair to all submitted shows and so for those highly requested time periods, such as early evening, you must take your turn, though we try to accommodate all requests. New shows get priority airtimes during one week and the same show may be resubmitted after its first airing. Currently, members are limited to four resubmissions per week, which are only guaranteed one air per week. Schedules run on a weekly basis from Sunday-Saturday . Programming is due by 9 pm on Tuesdays to air the following week.
How do I find programming information?
Weekly programming lists for Channels 6 and 15 are available here or come by our media center where printed schedules are located in our foyer.
What is the difference between Channel 6 and Channel 15?
CAPS manages Channel 6, the community access channel for the City of Ventura and Channel 15 or VTV, which runs educational and government programming.
I have a great idea for a show. Are you interested?
CAPS manages two channels and a media center for community use. We do not produce shows for members. We would be glad to train you on our equipment so you can get started producing a show of your own.
Can you do live shows?
Currently the only live TV we cablecast are various city meetings on Channel 15. In the future we will be able to air live programming out of our facility. The CAPS mobile truck also has wireless and microwave transmission capabilities which allows for certain live programming. We cover the Ventura County Fair Parade and the St. Patrick's Day Parade live annually.
Can you provide a crew for my production?
We operate with a lean staff and cannot help independent producers with crew assignments. This goes for either field or in studio productions. Producers must provide their own crew. We encourage our members to help one another on their productions. Please ask a staff member or contact our Executive Director for further information.
Do you have a production truck that I can use?
Currently our mobile production truck is for CAPS use only.
Am I responsible for lost or stolen equipment?
Any member who checks out equipment or uses equipment in studio is responsible for its safe return in the same condition it was in when checked out. Any equipment that is lost, stolen or is returned damaged must be replaced with an equal piece or you will be charged the replacement or repair cost. Replacement costs for most pieces of equipment are printed on our Equipment Request forms. Member privileges may be suspended until such reimbursements are made.
Can I just keep a camera an extra day if I already have it checked out?
To be fair to all members you must put in a request for the additional day in person at our media center on the original day of check-in. Additional days are at the discretion of the Executive Director and are made on basis of availability. If you'd like more information or have further questions please email us at info@capsmedia.org.